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Real Women: On a Mother level

Mum’s are the best! Often taken for granted, being a Mum is no mean feat – just take a moment to think about it. Your Mum gave birth to you, she nurtured you, she endured sleepless nights, constantly worried about you (most likely still does!) and faced endless piles of washing.

Maybe you’re a Mum yourself…. We know motherhood is a mixed bag of rewards and hardship, love and frustration but these lockdowns have added a whole new challenge into the mix. Whether you’re isolated with a new baby, have endured home schooling, are dealing with extra-stroppy cooped up teenagers or simply not being able to see your grandchildren – this pandemic has hit every single family unit hard but let me tell you this: you are all AMAZING! And I don’t doubt that in the usual mumsy way, you will have done this without complaining, granted that there may have been a fair few bottles of wine consumed as well!!


Real Women: First Time Yummy Mummy

Victoria Knowles-Lacks

What better way to celebrate the Motherhood journey than to start at the very beginning with a brand new Mum! We chatted to Victoria Knowles-Lacks about coffee, her own Mum and of course the star of the show, Baby Rex.

Victoria is the founder of the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club and breakthrough coach for female entrepreneurs. She’s also a bestselling author and of course, Victoria’s new accomplishment is being a proud first time mum to baby Rex. Baby Rex was born in December so at the time of writing, he’s only 12 weeks old!


Real Women: The Double Trouble Mum

Rhea Freeman

Does having twin boys mean you’ve got double trouble on your hands? We spoke Rhea, wonderwoman extraordinaire to find out more.

Rhea Freeman is an award winning PR adviser, social media expert, and small business cheerleader who focuses on the rural and equestrian industry, and is usually found on her computer or phone, with her horses, or in a field attempting to recall her opinionated trail hound… and two legged children.


Real Women: The Entrepreneur Mum

Victoria Bodey

Our next Mum is another superstar (aren’t they all?). With so many amazing women setting up their own businesses alongside their families, collectively they show us that you can flourish whilst juggling professional and mum personas.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Victoria Bodey, Founder and Director of Equiboodle, Gloucestershire’s biggest Equestrian Emporium supporting other amazing small businesses. Vik is Mum to two wonderful boys, Felix who is 12 and Edward who is 10.


Real Women: The Nanna Years

Louise Ktoris

There is something very special about watching your own children experience parenthood for themselves. We chatted to Super Nan and Gundog Breeder, Louise Ktoris (also known as Lois, Mrs K, Mamma K and now Nanna K!) about life as a young Grandma.

In her own words, Louise stumbled into the world of Gundogs as a Mum, Wife and Life Coach. She quickly became passionate about dogs, gundog training and breeding, along with spending time in the field shooting and picking up game. All this as well as being a doting Nanna!


We’ve been shortlisted for a top Rural Award

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that we’re in the running to be named one of the best rural businesses in the UK after being shortlisted for a Rural Business Award.

Barker & Sloane has been shortlisted in the Best Rural Creative or Artisan Business category at the 2020/21 Rural Business Awards, held in partnership with Amazon. We will battle it out against fellow rural businesses, entrepreneurs and enterprises from across the country for the chance to be named a national winner.


The Barker & Sloane brand

Sometimes pictures speak more than words. And no doubt you’ll have noticed yourselves that video is becoming part of our day to days lives so this is the Barker & Sloane brand story in visual form.

Simply put, this is our story. It’s the story of who we are, our ethos that is embedded into everything we do and what we stand for. It showcases our roots and celebrates our rural heritage. Enjoy!

photographer-wearing-mask T

Top Skincare Tips for Mask and Face Coverings

Let’s face it, with the announcement that face coverings are now mandatory in shops in England, grabbing your face mask is as essential as grabbing your keys when your leave the house.

If you’ve already been donning a mask for a while, no doubt you will have already encountered a number of skin issues like an increase in acne breakouts (now nicknamed as “maskne”), rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. For the rest of us who are choosing a range of masks to go with our outfits, sadly we have these potential skin nightmares to “look forward to” but these top skincare tips will help keep those problems at bay.


COVID-19 Update – We’re still open for Business

A note from our Founder, Claire, about Barker & Sloane and COVID-19 in this unprecedented time.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a worry for us all and is having an impact on the health of our loved ones, the businesses we rely upon and the way we live our daily lives. As we all continue to navigate through these unique and evolving challenges, I want you to know that:

We are still open for business and are here for you.

I am fortunate that we work on a isolated farm and whilst I am normally supported by an amazing team of casual workers, for the foreseeable future, I will be working alone. By opting to work alone, I am self isolating myself and therefore reducing the risk to you, our loyal customers and my own family.

My only visit out is that to the Post Office which may change to a Courier collection service if it’s more appropriate (currently, I do not queue and the PO counter staff are behind a glass fronted counter). This is being reviewed on a daily basis but simply put, as long as we have a postal service either by Royal Mail or Courier, then we still have a business so keep ordering! Remember that we are still offering our FREE P&P for UK orders over £50.

The downside of lone working is that I can only do so much, so in busy periods our usual service times may be implicated slightly. Please bear with me whilst I juggle many plates all at once!

All our events have been cancelled until late summer so we are now only trading via our website I am no longer accepting visitors to our unit for business meetings or customer collections as per Government instructions.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your ongoing support and understanding in these strange times. I have plenty of stock available at the moment and plenty of raw materials to make more product.

My final words are that I wish that you and your families remain safe and well. Use this lockdown time to pamper yourselves, look after one another and catch up on all those little jobs that never usually get done! I look forward to the future where we can once again meet face to face at events throughout the country.

Claire x