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Real Women: The Entrepreneur Mum


Victoria Bodey

Our next Mum is another superstar (aren’t they all?). With so many amazing women setting up their own businesses alongside their families, collectively they show us that you can flourish whilst juggling professional and mum personas.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Victoria Bodey, Founder and Director of Equiboodle, Gloucestershire’s biggest Equestrian Emporium supporting other amazing small businesses. Vik is Mum to two wonderful boys, Felix who is 12 and Edward who is 10.

Q. So what has been the biggest thing you’ve learnt or discovered about yourself since being a Mum?

A. Being a Mum definitely makes you learn about yourself and one of the biggest things I’ve learned about myself is that you have to draw on reserves that you didn’t know you had – I remember only too well the long sleepless nights, with sickly children and still having to get up the next day and face work in some form or another. I found that children and work both seemed to want my attention almost 24 hours a day. Somehow you find a balance that both get what they need.

Q. Which Barker & Sloane product could you not live without and that you’d recommend to other mums?

“This cream is magical potion in a pot!”

Gosh there is so much to say about Barker & Sloane products – they are just so luxurious and I utterly adore them! I use the Daily Defender, 12 Bore Boost Mist and the Overnight Recovery religiously and my skin has never been so good! I have struggled with bad skin almost all my life and now, I’m so much happier. I don’t need to wear anywhere near as much make up as I used to, which is just fabulous.

If I had to recommend just one Barker & Sloane product, I’d go for the Overnight Recovery. That cream is a magical potion in a pot! If you’re looking to try Barker & Sloane, I suggest you start with the Overnight Recovery.

Q. What is the best bit about being a Mum?

For me, the best bit about being a mum are the moments in time that take me completely unexpectedly. We could be sitting around the family table and one of the children comes out with something utterly spontaneous and brilliant and I’m just laughing, realising that these are the moments to truly be memorised and cherished. I really do look for the little things within my children that bring me so much joy. I’m just so blessed, they are brilliant kids and I can’t ask for more than that, I can’t be prouder of them.

Equiboodle – Gloucestershire’s largest equestrian emporium

Q. Has there been a significant moment or milestone in your children’s lives so far that you are most proud of?

The way they have dealt with this last year has been incredible. They are at a young age but are old enough to know what’s been going on and experience the fear of this last year. Being in lockdown, they have stayed upbeat and positive and curious the whole way through. I know they miss their school friends and when the novelty wore off about being at home, they have battled through it with such a positive attitude. I couldn’t be prouder.

Q. And lastly, would you rather clear up glitter or paint?

I’d take paint every time!! That said, I do feel that I’ve missed out on the glitter days slightly because I have boys.

Here at Barker & Sloane, we are so very proud to have Equiboodle as one of our stockists. So if you’re passing by the shop outside of lockdown, make sure you pop in and say hi to Vik.

You can follow Victoria at: Instagram: @equiboodle

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