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"Enjoying life outdoors doesn't have to mean wearing a weathered look, sporting a ruddy complexion or suffering from bouts of dryness caused by the wind."

Protecting your skin with our Daily Defender before you go outside gives you the confidence that your skin can handle everything that the elements throw at it whilst our 12-Bore Boost Mist  works out in the field and becomes your first aid kit to cool, soothe and refresh skin throughout the day. It also works on top of make-up so it’s a great recovery when you head to your after-shoot dinner. Finally, our Overnight Recovery massively hydrates and repairs any damage done during the day.

Barker & Sloane is a no-nonsense approach to daily skincare that will protect your skin from the elements whilst you spend your time enjoying life outdoors.

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We develop and manufacture plant-based skincare formulas using our own Advanced Phytotritional Technology and blend using British oils from British Farmers. Gentle and nutritious formulas for even the most sensitive of skin types.

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Our Founder

Behind every founder-led brand, there is well, the Founder. So without further ado, I’m Claire and I’m owned by two Spinoni gundogs.

I’m proud that we are not some faceless company but a true indie brand who gets to know our customers intimately, help solve their skincare issues and are in touch with the reality of day to day life. We’re passionate about developing products for real people in real life situations and for us, that means being out in the field.


I have always hated being confined to an office indoors and I start to get a bit sweaty under the collar when I’m in the city. I crave open space, fresh air and love to drink in the natural beauty around us. Because of all that, I ditched the corporate lifestyle many years ago and became a bee-farmer which allowed me to spend most of my days outside. But it’s a tough industry to generate a comfortable income so I re-trained on the side as a cosmetic formulator. This allowed me to combine both of my passions and launch a successful business manufacturing honey-based skincare which continues to grow on a yearly basis.

Jump forward another few years and with a tonne load of experience, heaps of passion and enthusiasm it seemed fitting that we develop a brand new, unique range of skincare that suits the lifestyles we are all accustomed to and that celebrates our British rural heritage. I also want to create a range that focused on specific ingredients that targeted different skin issues.

So when I’m not in the lab, running the manufacturing biz or out doing beekeeping jobs, I can be found loitering around my local clay ground outside of the game season, getting stuck into our local shoot, having fun with our gorgeous gundogs, or chilling somewhere with a view, a glass of well-earned bubbly and a plate of hearty food!!

I look forward to meeting you all x

Claire Barker

Founder, Barker & Sloane