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Real Women: The Farming Mum


Rachel Spensley

Being a Mum to human children is one thing but when you’re running a farm too, you have loads more mouths to feed and to care for every single day.

We chatted to Rachel Spensley about her farming passion and will her children follow suit?

Q. Tell us about the farming side of life?

I have been farming from a very young age. My parents were farmers and I found a true love for it, I knew it was exactly what I wanted to carry on doing into my later years. On our farm, I look after our cattle, calving, birthing, bull purchasing and much more. I think I am at my happiest around the cattle.

Regarding our Sheep, I lamb everything and help at sale times but I find them boring. I like to be on the go and constantly busy with the livestock – I’m not sure what to do when there is a break! If that isn’t enough for me, I also work part time in a GP Surgery.

Q. Tell us about your children.

A. I have Annabelle a 14-year-old, a keen future farmer, horse rider and rugby player. And there’s also Olly who’s 6 who loves sheep without horns and of course, tractors. They both have the most wonderful personalities and are constantly on the go – I wonder where they get that from!

Q. What was something your Mother said to you that you now find yourself repeating to your own children?

A. Something my own Mother used to say to me was “you’re not leaving the table till you’ve eaten all your tea”. I have found myself saying this to my children more than once so my motto for motherhood is stop turning into my mother!

Q. Which Barker & Sloane product would you recommend to other mum’s or indeed, other farmers?

My Barker & Sloane recommendation has to be the Intensive Hand and Nail Cream, which after a long search actually does what it says.

“It actually does what it says”

It’s thick but not greasy which is a massive bonus when trying to grip things. The smell is divine without been overpowering which is something I hate especially when my hands get hot – I have tried so many different hand creams that have all been too smelly and weirdly, make my hands smell like vanilla but this hand cream really does keep its beautiful lemongrass smell!

My hands usually get really sore and painful with cracks all over but so far, they are in good nick for this time of year. I’ve also been using it on my knee which is awaiting further surgery the skin has been really dry and stretched due to swelling and it’s been really beneficial. It really does do what it says it will and I couldn’t be happier to have found it!

You can follow Rachel’s life on the farm on Instagram @boltonbeefshorthorns

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