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Real Women: The Double Trouble Mum


Rhea Freeman

Does having twin boys mean you’ve got double trouble on your hands? We spoke Rhea, wonderwoman extraordinaire to find out more.

Rhea Freeman is an award winning PR adviser, social media expert, and small business cheerleader who focuses on the rural and equestrian industry, and is usually found on her computer or phone, with her horses, or in a field attempting to recall her opinionated trail hound… and two legged children.

Q. How old are your children?

They’re five – I have five year old twin boys.

Q. What would you tell your younger self about being a mum?

You’ll have to stop yourself from laughing out loud a lot more than you expect. Some of the things they come out with are sidesplittingly funny, but you have to be the adult. Well, you have to try! I’d also say to avoid the people who insist that everything gets harder (you know, when they’re little and not sleeping there’s always someone that says ‘just you wait, this is just the start!’), because they’re wrong. Each stage is different and depending on how you’re wired, you’ll find some easier and some harder. 

Q. What Barker & Sloane product could you not live without?

I’m loving the Overnight Repair Cream. I think there are few mums that wouldn’t say they felt tired trying to juggle ALL the things, and lockdowns have made it a lot harder when the children have been homeschooling, because few of us trained as teachers. After a taxing day, when you have more bags than you’d like and your frown line looks a little (OK, lot) deeper, I feel like I’m doing something positive to help make everything better tomorrow.

And what I love about the Overnight Repair Cream is that I know it has ingredients that nourish, so I really feel like I’m doing a good thing! A little goes a LONG way too! I have convinced myself that I can feel it working its magic after application, and I do think it makes a difference to all the lines!

Q. Would you rather clear up paint or glitter?

Ohhh, I’m thinking glitter. My kids manage to get paint everywhere. And although this stuff says it’s washable, it isn’t always AS washable as I would like. Also, my children, when covered in the paint, have the ability to touch every possible surface on their way to get cleaned up, which produces more work. At least with glitter, you can vacuum. And it’s kind of funny when it catches the light on people’s faces if any has been missed.

Q. What’s the best bit about being a mum?

On a serious note, when they hold your hand, or tell you they love you, or draw you a picture that they’ve made for you- it’s really sweet. But also, I can get them involved with my various schemes. Saying ‘let’s go to the ice cream farm’ as an adult without children, well, it might seem a bit weird, right? Say it with kids and you’re a good mum and a good person.

Q. Would you rather step on Lego barefoot or watch back to back Frozen all day?

I’m a big Frozen fan. It’s one of the films they like that I really like. Not that I would admit that in public, of course [I think Rhea has forgotten that the blog is public!]. I also know all the words to all the songs. However, there are many films they like that I don’t like, in that case bring on the Lego. As at least the pain lasts a moment rather than an hour and a half.

Q. What is the funniest memory to date involving your boys?

I’m lucky that my two are very funny. During lockdown one, when we went out on our daily walk, they both took to asking anyone we saw the most random questions. As in, they would shout across the lane ‘HOW OLD IS YOUR DOG’- not hello, straight in with that. They’ve also asked people why their white dog is so white, who’s the oldest (this was to two people we had never met before on a walk), etc. They also put a student teacher through her paces via Zoom… they asked how many fish she’d caught. She has no interest in fishing, it was the first time they had met her. They have no filter. At all.

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