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Real Women: First Time Yummy Mummy


Victoria Knowles-Lacks

What better way to celebrate the Motherhood journey than to start at the very beginning with a brand new Mum! We chatted to Victoria Knowles-Lacks about coffee, her own Mum and of course the star of the show, Baby Rex.

Victoria is the founder of the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club and breakthrough coach for female entrepreneurs. She’s also a bestselling author and of course, Victoria’s new accomplishment is being a proud first time mum to baby Rex. Baby Rex was born in December so at the time of writing, he’s only 12 weeks old!

Victoria’s bestselling book

Q. So what has been the biggest thing you’ve learnt about yourself since becoming a new Mum?

A. The biggest thing I’ve learnt or discovered about myself since having Rex is actually how patient I am, I always had myself down as a fairly patient person but until you have a child that won’t stop crying….. Well, I find that I’m a lot more patient than I thought I’d be.

Q. No doubt every new mum will have read many books about the first few months but what advice would YOU give to a new mum-to-be?

I decided not to read loads of books because I thought I’d just figure it out for myself because I found everything to be so overwhelming about pregnancy, breast feeding, birth so I thought I’m just going to wing it! The best piece of advice I would give anyone who’s just about to have a child would be to take all advice with a pinch of salt. Everyone has such a different experience and some people like me had a really horrendous pregnancy and others have really good ones. I think you just need to be a little selective of who you take advice from as the amount of stuff I was told, it would have been terrifying had I really listened to it. It would probably would have totally put me off. Be selective.

Q. Which B&S product could you not live without and that you’d recommend to other mums?

I honestly could not live without my 12 Bore Boost Mist and I know my Mum would say the same as well. I bought her some following advice from yourself and it’s now part of her skincare regime too. We both really love it!

“I honestly could not live without my 12 Bore Boost Mist”

Q. Has your relationship changed with your own Mum since having Rex and if so how?

A. I’m really fortunate that my mum has had a really massive part in baby Rex’s life so far and his upbringing so far. As my mum is a sadly a widow, we’re in a support bubble together so I’ve been so fortunate during lockdown that I’ve been able to glean all of her experience. I’m one of four girls, so she knows her stuff. I am so grateful just have her company and wisdom and her support.

Q. Life has changed for you in a massive way but if you had to choose between wine or coffee what would it be?

Believe it or not, I’d rather give up wine over coffee! And the reason for saying this is because I usually drink a couple of cups of coffee a day but when I was pregnant I couldn’t bear the smell or the thought of it – even to the point where my poor husband actually had to put the coffee machine in the shed because it just made me so sick!

So since I’ve had baby Rex, I actually can’t get enough coffee now – it’s like I’m in a massive deficit and for that reason I’d rather give up wine right now which I know is ridiculous but hopefully it’s not for long until I get my coffee quota back up.

Q. And lastly, would you rather do a zoom call with baby sick in your hair or with spinach stuck in your teeth?

Given that for most of my life now I’m covered in baby sick, it would have to be to do a zoom meeting with sick in my hair. I frequently have kale or spinach stuck in my teeth so it’s a real ongoing problem for me so definitely would go for the sick in the hair which is basically my life anyway!

You can follow Victoria at:

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