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Real Women: On a Mother level


Mum’s are the best! Often taken for granted, being a Mum is no mean feat – just take a moment to think about it. Your Mum gave birth to you, she nurtured you, she endured sleepless nights, constantly worried about you (most likely still does!) and faced endless piles of washing.

Maybe you’re a Mum yourself…. We know motherhood is a mixed bag of rewards and hardship, love and frustration but these lockdowns have added a whole new challenge into the mix. Whether you’re isolated with a new baby, have endured home schooling, are dealing with extra-stroppy cooped up teenagers or simply not being able to see your grandchildren – this pandemic has hit every single family unit hard but let me tell you this: you are all AMAZING! And I don’t doubt that in the usual mumsy way, you will have done this without complaining, granted that there may have been a fair few bottles of wine consumed as well!!

As Mother’s Day approaches, it reminds us of how incredible mums really are. There are countless ways you can show your mum what she means to you but if you need a little inspiration, we are here for you. We chatted to some of our regular customers who are mums themselves to share their motherhood journey. We wanted to celebrate all stages of motherhood so we have chats from first time mums to Grandma’s, all sharing an insight into their children or grandchildren.

And whilst we were at it, we found out which products they recommended to other mums. So if you’re still looking for some inspiration, grab a coffee and read on….

First Time Yummy Mummy

Victoria Knowles-Lacks: Founder of The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club, Author, Business Coach and Mum to baby Rex.

Favourite product: 12 Bore Boost Mist

Quote: “When I was pregnant, I couldn’t bear coffee – to the point where I had to make my husband put the coffee machine in the shed!”

The Double Trouble Mum

Rhea Freeman: Award winning Social Media & PR guru. Mum to twin boys, both 5 (obviously!), a dog and horses.

Favourite product: Overnight Recovery

Quote: ” At least with glitter, you can vacuum. And it’s kind of funny when it catches the light on people’s faces if any has been missed”

The Entrepreneur Mum

Victoria Bodey: Founder of Equiboodle, Gloucestershires biggest equestrian emporium and Mum to Felix, 12 and Edward, 10.

Favourite product: Overnight Recovery

Quote: “When we’re all sat round the table and one of the children comes out with something utterly spontaneous and brilliant and I’m just laughing out loud”

The Farming Mum

Rachel Spensley: Mum to a herd of cattle, loads of sheep and of course a Daughter, 14 and Son, 6.

Favourite product: Intensive Hand & Nail Cream

Quote: “My motto for motherhood is to stop turning into my mother!”

The Nanna Years

Louise Ktoris: Mum, Nanna, Gundog breeder and trainer – goes my many different names!!

Favourite Product: Daily Defender

Quote: We will know in the next week what ‘flavour’ we have, as it appears that ‘Gender reveals’ are the thing these days.”

Thank you to all the lovely ladies above who took time out of their very busy schedules to contribute to our blog and share their experiences on being a Mum. Please show them some love and visit their relevant pages.

Much love,

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