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The Beauty of a Simple Skincare Routine

Simple skincare T

How many steps should your average skincare routine contain? Four? Five? Ten?! Unfortunately, our skincare routines are often overused, overcomplicated and over the top for many (not to mention time consuming!). Thankfully,  it really can be a case of more doesn’t always mean better results! Sometimes beautiful skin can be easily achieved by a stripped back, simple skincare routine. It can be really hard to know what we actually need to be applying to our faces and what we can really do without.  At Barker & Sloane, I always emphasise that having a skincare routine doesn’t need to be time sapping and more complicated than a bio-chemistry degree. The good news is you won’t ever hear me recommending spending your evenings at the bathroom sink, less really is more.  Here are my secrets to achieving a  simple and effective three step skincare routine perfect for your outdoor lifestyle. Thank me later! 


Crucial to your skincare routine and an absolute non-negotiable is effective cleansing. Great skin starts with your cleanser and it’s as necessary in the morning, since we sweat in our sleep (gross but true!), as it is in the evening. Along with removing all the nasties, it will make your skin more receptive to what you put on next. Start your routine off with the Barker & Sloane Velvet Melt Cleansing Balm  to remove daily grime gently yet effectively, excess sebum (oil) and make-up to leave behind pores free of impurities without compromising your skin’s natural barrier function. No tight feeling here! 


This is where you can really start to dial into your skin’s individual concern.  If you’re after a lit from within glow, along with instant relief for skin that’s been exposed to the elements our 12 Bore Boost Mist, fortified with Peppermint, Rose and Cucumber, is perfect. It contains a powerhouse of plant active ingredients that restore, soothe and boost hydration levels whilst on the go, making your skin feel softer and smoother. 

simple skincare routine


Next comes your moisturiser, which acts like a raincoat for your outfit, locking in all the goodness from the previous steps and providing a barrier against external elements. Apply either the Daily Defender in the AM or the Overnight Recovery at the end of the day for the protection your skin needs! This pairing  minimises fine lines and wrinkles while brightening and locking in moisture with plant based hyaluronic acid that keeps the skin deeply hydrated and nourished. 


Ok, I know I’ve cheated slightly BUT this step is incredibly important in protecting your skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Read everything you ever needed to know about this important step here

Until next time, 

Claire x