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Skincare Goals for 2023

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I know we’re now towards the end of January but it’s never too late to review the previous year and set some skincare goals for 2023.

My own list of goals is in the processing of being developed -actually, I think goals are an ever evolving things and not just set once a year. I set goals for everything; from business goals being formulated, through to lifestyle choices, those real “I want” purchases or experiences and even down to how I want to conduct my relationships for the coming year and what I want to get out of them versus what I give. But like most of us, sometimes I need a bit of inspo too so I thought I’d share my skincare goals for 2023 that I thought you’d find helpful too….

1. Drink more.

Water not gin! Although I much prefer the latter! I’m not going to bore you with a quote about how many litres of water you should be drinking a day, because if you increase what you’re already drinking then you’re already making a real difference.

Drinking water helps flush out toxins keeping skin healthy, hydrated and looking radiant. That extra hydration also plumps skin up which helps to reduce those fine lines. My husband always reminds me (not so eloquently!) that “you never see wrinkles on a balloon!”. Crass that may be the point is very relevant! Even if you add a dash of sugar-free squash to give your water some flavour, guaranteed your skin will love your increased intake of fluid.

2. Wear an SPF (sunscreen) every day

Yes! EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Even if it’s winter or it’s cloudy. Regardless of the season and the weather, the harmful UVA & UVB rays can still penetrate that cloud base and irreversibly damage skin. You’ll all know about the risks of skin cancer from the UVB rays but it’s the ageing ones caused by the UVA rays that many of us seem to be oblivious to. Wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, collagen loss are all exacerbated by the suns rays and is the fastest ageing process we face every single day.

3.Get more Sleep.

I know, I know, if only things were that easy! If you struggle with getting quality sleep, then take a look at your sleep hygiene regime. Things like reading a book before bedtime, taking a relaxing warm bath using relaxing bath salts and using a pillow mist are all a good start.

It’s the old habits that are often difficult to change and yet are the ones that have the biggest impact. New habits like leaving your phone/tablet in another room, switching to caffeine-free drinks after lunch, not going to bed stressed, reviewing your natural circadian rhythm or practising meditation are all proven to help. Whatever works for you, quality sleep allows your skin to rejuvenate and repair itself.

It’s the old habits that are often difficult to change and yet are the ones that have the biggest impact.

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4.Take ALL make-up off before bedtime.

Do this EVERY night! I’m speaking from experience here – I may be a bit of a guru on skincare but it doesn’t mean that I always do what I preach [hangs head in shame]!! Removing the dirt and grime from the day lets your skin breathe and start to heal & recover whilst your sleep.

Cast your mind back to that heavy night at NY, and that fact that your skin was trashed a few days later? That’s the toxins escaping! Cleansing your skin washes them away before they upset your skin balance and make you breakout.

5.Shop British sustainable skincare

Ok, this maybe a bit of a weird resolution to add to the list but have you ever considered what ingredients you’re putting onto your skin? Or how sustainable those ingredients are and/or where they have actually come from?

I find it odd that January is the month that the media promotes plant-based diets when here in good old Blightly, our own plant-based produce is mostly out of season! The whole ethos for Veganuary started to “save the planet” which doesn’t make sense to me when we are shipping avocados, almond milk and exotic vegetables around the world…. And sadly, the same can be said with most skincare brands. Now there’s nothing wrong with using coconut oil, prickly pear extract, snow mushroom, sweet almond oil etc, except for their air miles.

We’re really proud to be totally different where most* of our ingredients are grown in the UK. So by switching to a British brand who uses British ingredients, your carbon footprint is massively reduced. Sustainable skincare is the future.

*We say “most” because it’s almost impossible to create a good product without using some foreign ingredients, however we make sure that a minimum of 70% of our active ingredients are UK sourced. What other skincare brand can say that?

6.Add serums and face oils to your skincare routine.

These are concentrated formula’s that give your skin an extra targeted boost of goodness and are often applied underneath your moisturiser. Look out for our Hyaluronic Acid serum that we will be launching in a few months’ time which will be the first of our targeted serums.

You don’t need an arsenal of serums as they are as individual as you and have been developed to help with different issues. It could be that dryness or dull skin, lack of elasticity or combatting oily patches or even hyperpigmentation are any one of your concerns, just choose a serum that focuses on giving the magic nutrients that your skin needs.

7.Review your skincare regime

Does your normal skincare routine need an overhaul? As we age, our skins needs’ change. Are you using the same products you used in your twenties? Well maybe it’s time for a change. Skincare ingredient efficacy has also massively changed in the last 5-10 years with new effective ingredients being developed all the time. I know it can be a bit of a mind field, but hanging around with us will help you get the targeted skincare you need without blinding you with the latest marketing claims and mumbo jumbo.

If you only aim for one of these this year, just think – you’ll be in a different place this time next year. Have you any more goals to add to this list? Let me know, I’d love to hear them.

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