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3 reasons to include Raspberry Seed Oil in your routine.


If it’s one thing I absolutely love about this time of year it’s the berries. Blackberries and raspberries come out in droves and there’s nothing quite like foraging in the hedgerows for those little bursts of flavour, am I right?! 

Whilst you might expect a delicious spread of raspberry jam on your toast first thing, you might not quite expect it in your morning skincare routine! That is of course until now…

Introducing, the unsung skincare-super-hero that is Raspberry Seed Oil. It’s the natural by-product of cold pressed raspberry seeds and we’ve given it pride of place in our Daily Defender formulation for good reason! Here are 3 reasons why we love it; 

1. It hydrates. 

If you’ve heard me say it once, I’ve said it a thousand times- hydration is so important ESPECIALLY for those of us who are passionate about pursuing an active, outdoor lifestyle. Aside from drinking enough water, including Raspberry Seed Oil in your routine can help to boost moisture levels within your skin. Studies have shown that Raspberry Seed Oil contains high levels of phytosterols which reduce trans epidermal water loss (the amount of water passing through your skin). Healthy, hydrated skin looks plumped and rejuvenated, something I know we could all use a little help with after a dry summer out in the fields. 

2. It has age-defying properties. 

Raspberry Seed Oil is rich with antioxidants: vitamin E & A which directly help support your skin’s overall health. Antioxidants are vital for supporting your skin barrier as well as boosting collagen production in order to slow down that *pesky* ageing process. Think reduced fine lines and hyperpigmentation!

3. It helps to absorb sunlight. 

If you’re a new reader you might not have seen my previous post all about the importance of sun protection ALL year round (catch up, here). It’s one of the simplest (and significant) ways you can go about looking after your skin. Whilst Raspberry Seed Oil can’t offer complete sun protection it can go a long way to absorbing harmful UVB rays (the ones that burn you) from the sun. It’s great to know that applying the Daily Defence before your broad spectrum SPF daily helps to provide added natural protection against those harmful UV rays. 

I’d love to know how many of you knew about the benefits of Raspberry Seed Oil in skincare?! 

Until next time.

Claire x