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About last season – Guest Blog by Emma Brown


All about last season and my field trials of Barker & Sloane skincare…. So last season for me kicked off with an amazing Ladies Day shooting in Wiltshire organised by Kington Events with some of my favourite humans all wearing Emma Brown Tweed and for me entering the field and seeing my clothes in action was a very proud moment indeed.

I haven’t shot much this season instead I’ve worked my two crazy Cockers picking up in mostly wet and windy conditions. January saw me loading for my husband on the most special shoot where we had our elevenses on the beach in Devon – it was a very cold fresh day!!

So I hear a lot on social media about self-care ………. apparently, it’s all about caring for yourself when you are more focused on caring for your family, business, dogs and livestock. Well I decided to ‘do’ a little selfcare for myself, as I’ve never been one to get up in the morning and slap loads of makeup on or even moisturise for that matter – it’s more of a shower and try and get your clothes on a half damp body and straight into your wellies for me!!

So after my first day shooting on the Wiltshire Ladies Day we were given a goodie bag with some Barker and Sloane products in. Even Claire knows how little time I spend on myself so she had a little giggle as she handed this little bag of goodness to me!

I’m sure Claire won’t class this as an ‘official’ trial BUT I think I’ve tested Barker and Sloane to an inch of its “White Poppy and Raspberry smelling life”!

I was kind of hoping these Barker & Sloane products would help my tired dehydrated skin like a lot of busy women. Whether you’re single, wives or mothers, I think we all take a hit in that sometimes we don’t get enough sleep, drink enough water etc etc. So since Claire gave me her products I’ve tried really hard slapping it on every morning after cleansing and toning then again in the evenings before crawling into bed!! I’m sure Claire won’t class this as an ‘official’ trial BUT I think I’ve tested Barker and Sloane to an inch of its “White Poppy and Raspberry smelling life”!

The only time I actually wear makeup is if we go out or if I’m out in the field as I do try and look my best. The Daily Defender is easy to use with its pump action thingy and soaks in so well. With a flash of the most incredible smell it’s a really great base for your make up as it’s very delicate and you do feel like the skin can breathe.

Now enter the 12 Bore Boost Mist… OMG where have you been all of my life?

Then after you’ve finished for the day, you get back into the truck (smelling of wet dogs), you put the heated seats and the heater on full blast because you’re sooo damn cold and if anybody reading this who works Cockers will know that your front is also wet and muddy ……….. your face quickly gets hot and turns crimson like you’ve eaten a chilli!!! Now; enter the 12 Bore Boost Mist… OMG where have you been all of my life? I use this little miracle juice in a spray bottle, mist just a couple of times and………… RELAX………… the smell reminds me of summer days. It’s so fresh and cooling that by the time I’m home I’m refreshed and revitalized ready to bath the dogs and relax.

Now for the Overnight Recovery Night Cream; I shower, I cleanse and tone and then slap this baby on my face. The smell is out of this world, it’s very silky and soft and you don’t need loads so it makes it value for money. The next morning you wake up still with a thin layer of this wonder stuff on your skin ready to go all over again.

So this unofficial review says this stuff is fantastic, it has really has improved my skin and makes my makeup looks even more natural. I’m 42 so the signs of aging have really started to creep in however my skin is now softer and more supple.

To conclude this might be unofficial and I might not be qualified to comment on skincare but all Claire’s products have been developed for us ladies who spend time outside so on that basis I’m over qualified and I say they are absolutely fantastic products! Thank you Barker and Sloane – I guess you always knew it would work I just needed to use it!! So my new mantra is Eat, Sleep, Barker and Sloane, repeat. Eat, Sleep, Barker and Sloane, repeat ……

Emma Brown is the founder of Emma Brown Tweed. You can’t get more rural than Emma and her Tweed designs. Emma’s brand is born from a life of agriculture and the countryside. Her passion for rural life is reflected in her unique designs that suit both town and country. You can find her designs at

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