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Tweed Eye Mask



Our luxury eye masks are as individual as you! Choose your tweed and trim and we’ll box it up in a beautiful gift box. Using our signature tweeds on the front and backed with a padded silky soft underside, you’ll feel relaxed in no time. Shut out the light and disappear into a deep relaxed state.

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Give the gift of luxurious sleep this Christmas with a luxury Tweed Eye Mask.

Everyone loves a good night sleep. Lights off, eyes shut and then drift off into the land of slumber. Sometimes though no matter how tired you are, getting to sleep and staying asleep seems impossibly frustrating.

Let our luxury eye mask make drifting off that little bit easier. Made with our signature British tweed with a stunning padded silky finish on the back, our luxury eye mask will allow you to block out the light, rest your eyes and enjoy a blissfully undisturbed sleep.

You’ve heard the phrase – quality over quantity and never is it truer when talking about sleep. It is well documented that to have a good nights sleep, creating the right environment and condition is paramount. Avoiding blue light and over stimulating activities just before bedtime is just as important as creating a dark room along with optimum body temperature.  Create the perfect sleep environment with our Hit the Hay Pillow Mist or our DREAM Mineral Bath Salts for the ultimate good nights sleep!

These limited edition luxury eye masks come in 6 different tweed and trim variations. All come complete with a stunning gift box and velvet ribbon.

Our tweed eye masks are handmade in Gosport down on the South Coast using British tweed. Our tweed is made from British wool that is weaved by a family run business in Yorkshire of course!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Luxury Eye Mask Design

Check Tweed with Burgundy, Check Tweed with Navy, Green Tweed with Gold, Green Tweed with Navy, Navy Tweed with Burgundy, Navy Tweed with Gold